Applications of single and three phase induction motor

This behavior of a single phase motor can be explained by double-field revolving theory.

The typical speed-torque characteristics for a capacitor-start motor are shown in Fig. Note the change in motor torques at the transition point at which the starting switch operates.Construction of a single phase induction motor is similar to the construction of three phase induction motor having squirrel cage rotor, except that the stator is wound for single phase supply. dating utro Nordfyns Stator is also provided with a 'starting winding' which is used only for starting purpose.Manual Motor Control offers ideal space-saving and cost-saving solutions as Manual Starters, Manual Motor Disconnects, Group Motor Installations, and Self-Protected Manual Combination Starters.Manual motor starters and protectors provide protection against low level faults that fuses or circuit breakers on the branch circuit would ignore.

Applications of single and three phase induction motor

This can be understood from the schematic of single phase induction motor at the left.When the stator of a single phase motor is fed with single phase supply, it produces alternating flux in the stator winding.The alternating current flowing through stator winding causes induced current in the rotor bars (of the squirrel cage rotor ) according to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. Applications of single and three phase induction motor-76 This induced current in the rotor will also produce alternating flux.In this section, the discussion will be limited to those types most common to integral-horsepower motor ratings of 1 hp and higher.

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In industrial applications, three-phase induction motors should be used wherever possible.

The typical performance data for integral-horsepower, 1800-rpm, capacitor-start, induction-run motors are shown in Table 1.6.

There will be a substantially wider variation in the values of locked-rotor torque, breakdown torque, and pull-up torque for these single-phase motors than for comparable three-phase motors, and the same variation also exists for efficiency and the power factor (PF).

In general, three-phase electric motors have higher efficiency and power factors and are more reliable since they do not have starting switches or capacitors.

In those instances in which three-phase electric motors are not available or cannot be used because of the power supply, the following types of single-phase motors are recommended for industrial and commercial applications: (1) capacitor-start motor, (2) two-value capacitor motor, and (3) permanent split capacitor motor.

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