Danske dating sites Hillerød

It was also used as a chapel for knights as well as a place to store the Danish royal family’s art collection.

It wasn’t until 200 years later in 1850 when it was once again used as a place of residence by a royal and that was King Frederick VII.

William of Æbelholt moved the abbey to the location where it now is in the year 1167.William of Æbelholt became a very important man in the area in his lifetime and was regarded by some that knew him as a saint.Politically, he was also essential to the country as he served as the go-between for many Danish kings and the Pope.Presentation Hillerød is a city in eastern Denmark with a population of 30,853 people.Hillerød is best known as a center for trade and culture.

Danske dating sites Hillerød

Since there was no longer support from the church to maintain the abbey, it was destroyed.Some of the materials and stone from it were taken to build Frederiksborg Castle.April-October -; November-March - Entrance fees: Adults DKK 75, Children ages 6-15 DKK 20 Æbelholt Abbey is found in the town of Tjæreby, about 5 km (3 mi) to the west of Hillerød.The Æbelholt Abbey used to be an Augustinian monastery that was first founded in the year 1104 but in a different location.The famous castle in Hillerød there now was built between the years 16.

After King Christian IV died in 1648, the castle was primarily only used during ceremonial events.Later in the 1930s and 1950s, the abbey was excavated and what was found is now on display at the Æbelholt Abbey Museum.The foundations of the church have been excavated and are also open to the public.Gribskov is under protection not only by the Danish government but also by the European Union.The name of “Grib” in Old Danish signifies “with no specific owner” which means that the forest was land without a particular owner, that it was communally owned.

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