Dating 50 plus Sønderborg

A binding contract shall be deemed to have been entered into only when the buyer and X-YACHTS A/S have both signed the order confirmation.

All prices are stated in DKK or EUR excluding VAT, taxes, duties and other charges and fees.

A copy of the duly signed order confirmation by both parties will then be send to the buyer.Any agreed delivery time is an estimated time of delivery and delivery on an exact date is not guaranteed.X-YACHTS A/S is not responsible or liable for any delays unless caused by X-YACHTS A/S' gross negligence or wilful misconduct.In case of delay with payment X-YACHTS A/S is entitled to charge interest at the rate of 1% of the invoiced amount per each beginning month.If delivery is made without full payment, for whatever reason, the title to the product delivered shall remain with X-YACHTS A/S to the fullest extend possible pursuant to Danish law until total and final payment has been made, including any interest and/or expenses.

Dating 50 plus Sønderborg

Delivery is always subject to availability of the product or manufacturing, force majeure situations or conditions on which X-YACHTS A/S has no direct influence that prevents X-YACHTS A/S from complying with the agreed delivery time (strikes, sub-suppliers inability to deliver, fire, flooding, storms, IT-crash etc.).However the Manufacturer shall of course use all reasonable endeavours in order to secure delivery on the agreed delivery date.Insurance is made at buyer's account on buyer's written request.If required by X-YACHTS A/S, the formation of any contract between X-YACHTS A/S and the buyer shall be subject to the buyer providing advance payment or an appropriate security (form, content and issuer to the satisfaction of X-YACHTS A/S) for the full and timely payment of the purchase price.Any notice of a claimed defect shall in any event be made in writing with a detailed description of the claimed defect promptly after the appearance thereof and no later than 14 calendar days after the buyer discovered or ought to have discovered the claimed defect.

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