Herne bay singles

Its formation was the result of many years of hard effort by working people, trade unionists and socialists, united by the goal of changing the British Parliament to represent the interests of everybody.

Ignored by the Tories and disillusioned with the Liberals, a coalition of different interests came together to push for change at a Conference on Labour Representation in London’s Memorial Hall in February 1900.

So wherever you are you can always read messages, browse local members and more.

Herne bay singles

Aqua Bay also offers the service of our dining room and lounge for lunch and business meetings and family gatherings where a finger buffet or individual catering needs can be met.Plate:1 Maxime & Jocelyn Schryvers (Chch)2 Cathryn & Phillip Lyall (Dn City)3 = Pam & Graham Baird (Cav) Marion Harrison & Jan Guilford (Ash)5-8 Maryon & David Beer (Alex) Alice Maguigan & Art Vernon (Pap) Julie Carrick & Rena Turley (Cav) Roma Lloyd & Naneete Seear (Club Southland).Bowl:1 Branko Cvjetan & Karl Kruptiza (Cav)2 Gretchen Preston & Tom Stratton (Taieri)3 Rewa & Stephen Kyle (Ash)4 Annette Williams & John Cuttance (Taieri)5 Bev Kendall & Yvonne Ashton (Cav)6 Robyn Harrison & Garry Kingston (St K)7 Sallie & Roy Harry-Young (Cav).Kilda) 2016 Auckland Regional Doubles Herne Bay Petanque - 29/30 October - 22 entries Trophy1st Georgio Vakauta & Junior Puleitu (Vikings)2nd Charles Peni & Adelys Taraunu (Panmure Pioneers)3rd = Allan Fletcher & Pam Jenkins (Herne Bay) Selwyn Sainty & Ricardo Swaney Trophy Consolation1st Andrew Mailei & Seti Mailei (Panmure Pioneers)2nd Ian Baker & Paul Bickleman (Herne Bay)3rd= Margaret Penny (Herne Bay) & Margaret Maher (Northcote) Ruby Vakauta & Nico Toyne (Vikings) PLate1st Bill Peachy & Christain Willmott (Vikings)2nd J-P Cuer & Thierry Pannetier (Herne Bay)3= Diana & Glen Glamuzina (Herne Bay) Leslie Haines & Virginia Kirk-Smith (Herne Bay) Plate Consolation1st Ann Shields & Bob Bridge (Herne Bay)2nd Ros Morton & Alan Calderwood (Herne Bay)3= Francoise Case & Yasmine George (Herne Bay) Kevin Davies & Cherie Willmott (Vikings) Consolante1st Paul Dalebroux & Ian Roberts (Herne Bay)2nd Ella Harris & Eileen Lippard (Herne Bay)3rd Fay Tikey & Lynn Peachey (Hisbiscus Coast)4th Nicola Brock (Vikings) & Claire Matthews (Northcote)5th Roger Brown & Grant Gardiner (Kennedy Park)6th Tricia Brown & Alain Coulomb (Herne Bay) 2016 South Island Regional Championships St.Kilda Petanque Club - 22/23 October - 23 entries Championship:1 Kathleen Wallace & Neville Frost (Dn City)2 Paul Tamagushiku (Pap) & Bruno Falco (Chch)3 = Kay George & Mervyn Wilson (St K) Les Clearwater & Jarrod Handford (Chch)5-8 Sandra & Lindsay Hay (Alex) Karen Stephen & Chris Taylor (Chch) Erik Ross (Taieri) & Keith Dixon (Chch) Brian Westerbek (Chch) & Richard Browne (Ash).

Herne bay singles

2017 Auckland Regional Triples Panmure Pioneers – 18/19 February 2017 – 10 entries1st Charles Peni, David Peni (Panmure Pioneers), Tom Paulo (Vikings)2nd Ian Baker, Thierry Pannetier, JP Cuer (Herne Bay)3rd = Seti Mailei, Adelys Taraunu, Lani Mailei (Panmure Pioneers) Georgio Vakauta, Ruby Vakauta, Bill Peachey (Vikings)5th = Margaret Maher (Northcote), Jean Parley (Stanley Bay), Margaret Penny (Herne Bay) Allan Fletcher, Pam Jenkins, Richard Swaney (Herne Bay)7th = Virginia Kirk Smith, Ros Morton, Leslie Haines (Herne Bay) Pa Peni, Imelda Mailei & Aussie Peni (Panmure Pioneers)9th Ann Shields (Epsom), Clive Bartleet (Vikings), Eileen Lippard (Kennedy Park)10th Angela Maxted (Kennedy Park), Francoise Case (Herne Bay), Yasmine George (Cockle Bay) 2017 South Island Triples Christchurch Petanque – 18/19 February – 16 Teams Championship1st Sutima Paijit, Paul Tamagushiku, Jared Handford (Christchurch)2nd Alice Maguigan, Art Vernon (Papanui), Andrew Findlay (Christchurch)3rd= John Targett (Christchurch), Neville Bensdorp, Karen Bensdorp (Ashburton) Ron Paterson, Janet Wilkinson, Tony Wilkinson (Papanui)Championship Consolation5th Bruno Falco, Emile Ferrand, Stephane Montel (Christchurch)6th Neville Frost (Dunedin City), Brian Westerbeek, Richard Browne (Christchurch)7th= Pat O’Shea, Nicholas Xavier, Max Schryvers (Christchurch) Rewa Kyle, Stephen Kyle, Marion Harrison (Ashburton)Plate9th Maryon Beer, Lindsay Hay, Sandra Hay (Alexandra)10th Liz Ford, Lionel Ford (Christchurch), David Beer (Alexandra)11th= Colin Bunce, Marilyn Bunce (Alexandra), Mark Richardson (Dunedin City) Keith Dixon, Les Clearwater, Alain Carpentier (Christchurch)Bowl13th Karen Stephen, Chris Taylor, Tina Targett (Christchurch)14th Kath Mc Creanor, Mavis Thompson, Sheila Boa (Timaru)15th = Karilyn Murray, Phillippa Browne, Barbara Parker (Timaru) Jan Guilford, Ellen Pithie, Jonathan Crum (Ashburton) 2016 South Island Senior Doubles Caversham Petanque Club - 19/20 November - 16 entries Championship:1st Kay George & Mervin Wilson (St.Kilda)2nd Mavis Thompson (Timaru) & Tony Wilkinson (Papanui)3rd= Chris Taylor & Karen Stephen (Christchurch) Bev Kendall & Aileen Simpson (Caversham) Plate:1st Marilyn Bunce (Alexandra) & Neville Frost (Dunedin City)2nd Alice Macguigan & Art Vernon (Papanui)3rd= Sandra Hay & Lindsay Hay (Alexandra) Tom Stratton & Gretchen Preston (Taieri)Bowl:1st Rena Turley & Maureen Brown (Caversham)2nd Rewa Kyle & Stephen Kyle (Ashburton)3rd= Keith Dixon & Les Clearwater (Christchurch) David Beer & Maryon Beer (Alexandra)5th= Janet Goodin & Joan Instone (Caversham) Alison Walls & Bill Walls (Caversham) Karl Krupitza & Branko Cvjetan (Caversham) Gary Kingston & Barrie Kendall (St.Herne-Bay The fastest growing dating site for Asians in the UK, it's fun, it's free and it's safe. Herne bay singles-42Herne bay singles-55 We work with the best anti scammer providers to make sure our free dating service is as safe as it could possilby be.We offer a selection of recently reburbished comfotable contemporary ensuite single, twin, double and family rooms.

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Each comprising of the following for our good food from Canterbury Council.Southern Region Secondary School Competition 2016Caversham Petanque Club - 21 September 1st Jordan Henderson & Izaak Morton (Kavanagh College)2nd Emma Hutton & Kate Hanning (Dunstan High School)3rd = Jonty Bradshaw & Nathine Comins (Kaikorai College) Raylea Grubb & Stacie Wright (Kaikorai College) Top School - Dunstan High School 2016 WPA Regional Singles Championship Horowhenua Petanque Club - Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 September 2016 – 37 entries Trophy1st Shirley Mac Donald (Otaki)2nd Claire Wilson (Wanganui East)3rd = Ann Hogg (Otaki) Dave Gatchell (Horowhenua)5th = Dene Futcher (Wanganui East) Paul Anderson (Wanganui East) Alan Taylor (Kapiti) Annick Le Guen (Kapiti) Plate1st Sharon Cannon (Wanganui East)2nd Graeme Morris (Masterton)3rd = Christine Strichen (Wanganui East) Trish Smart (Manawatu)5th = Brett Maguire (Kapiti) Pete Hamilton (Wanganui East) David Corley (Manawatu) Graeme Pilcher (Silverstream) Bowl1st Michael Rocks (Khandallah)2nd Enoka Smiler (Park Avenue)3rd = Myles Cowper (Hataitai) Richard Turfrey (Wanganui East)5th = Steve Frampton (Hataitai) Claire Bradburn (Silverstream) Grant Bray (Kapiti) Tony Simpson (Wanganui East Bowl Consolation1st Marc Khull (Manawatu)2nd John Pallesen (Horowhenua)3rd = Kevin Mc Fadgen (Kapiti) Tony Gatford (Kapiti) 5th = Sue Gurr (Wanganui East) Noeline Corley (Manawatu) Yvonne Futcher (Wanganui East) Margaret Mordecai (Otaki) Consolante1st Alan Cameron (Manawatu)2nd Ken Benn (Manawatu)3rd Sheryl Parslow (Wanganui East)4th Barbara Nicholls (Otaki) 5th Kathy Gatford (Kapiti) SI WOMENS TRIPLES 2016 ASHBURTON PETANQUE CLUB - 27/28 AUGUST 2016 - 10 entries Championship: 1 Pat O'Shea (Christchurch) Stefany Frost (Dunedin City) Sutima Paijit (Christchurch)2 Aileen Simpson (Caversham) Nadine Simpson (Caversham) Marilyn Bunce (Alexandra)3 Caroline Kinloch (Papanui) Kay Morrison (Papanui) Janet Wilkinson (Papanui)4 Tina Targett (Christchurch) Chris Taylor (Christchurch) Karen Stephen (Christchurch)5 Rewa Kyle (Ashburton) Marion Harrison (Ashburton) Lyn Whinham (Ashburton)Plate:1 Alice Maguigan (Christchurch) Sandra Hay (Alexandra) Maryon Beer (Alexandra)2 Cathryn Lyall (Dunedin City) Kathleen Wallace (Dunedin City) Annette Willaims (Taieri)3 Karilyn Murray (Timaru T & C) Barbara Parker (Timaru T & C) Phillippa Browne (Timaru T & C)4 Karen Bensdorp (Ashburton) Jan Guildford (Ashburton) Ellen Pithie (Ashburton) Janet Goodin (Caversham) Kay George (St.Kilda) Mavis Thompson (Timaru T & C) (withdrew due to ill health after day one) Championship:1st Roy Harry-Young; Branko Cvjetan; Bill Walls (Caversham)2nd Phillip Lyall, Kathleen Wallace; Allan Kane (Dunedin City)3rd= Keith Wallace, Margaret Wallace, Joan Instone (Caversham) David Beer, Lindsay Hay (Alexandra), Art Vernon (Papanui) Plate: 1st Stefany Frost, Neville Frost, Warren Mc Connell (Dunedin City)2nd Nadine Simpson (Caversham), Morgan Choveaux (Kapiti), Les Clearwater (Christchurch)3rd= Kay George, Mervyn Wilson, Gary Kingston (St.It's a fun, friendly and vibrant experince for anyone looking to date an Asian in Herne-Bay.Welcome to the Aqua Bay guest house situated on the lovely Herne Bay seafront offering wonderful sea views and beautiful sunsets.

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