Secret dating Nürnberg

But the investigation still moved slowly and delicately.

"The investigators could not risk the danger that their prey would learn he was being followed.

They called themselves the "Nokmim" - the Avengers.

They located and captured hundreds of SS men, especially those involved with the running of concentration camps.

secret dating Nürnberg

Harel spent one autumn night reading Eichmann's dossier. As Harel writes in his book on the capture of Eichmann, The House on Garibaldi Street; "I didn't know what sort of man Eichmann was.He drew up the idea of deportation of Jews into ghettos, and went about concentrating Jews in isolated areas with murderous efficiency. Single frauen südtirol He took great pride in the role he played in the death of 6 million mainly European Jews.All the investigators had were blurred pictures before the war. In late 1959 the Israelis discovered that Eichmann had changed his name after the war to Ricardo Klement. Apparently his sons sometimes still used their family name.Eichmann had run a laundry business for a while, which went bankrupt.

Secret dating Nürnberg

At first they handed over the SS men to the Allied authorities, but many of the SS men "escaped in the chaos that followed the war or were released." At one point the Russians released two Nazi Germans who had been turned over to them by the Jews.The Germans walked out into the street, laughing at their release. The Avengers "cut the men down with a burst of sub-machine gunfire." From then on the Avengers simply tracked down and killed former Nazis.I knew that when the war was over he had succeeded in blotting out all trace of himself with supreme expertise." Harel knew that this man must be brought to justice and punished for his crimes; the victims of his slaughter demanded it; justice and morality demanded it; but no one was looking for him - no agency, no government, no police force. Moreover, Harel determined that he would capture him - but not kill him in the style of the Avengers. And thus the operational machinery of searching for Eichmann went into effect.He was going to bring him to Israel and make him stand trial before the people he so murderously tried to wipe out. They had slim leads at first, but there were leads.One of Eichmann's supposed sons, Nicholas, had gotten involved with an Argentianian Jewish girl, and apparently not knowing she was Jewish, boasted about his father's role in the killing of the Jews of Europe.

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