Single chamber muffler vs dual chamber

As I watched the muffler guy I weld my muffler up there was this crazy anticipation building up inside me. I have the best sounding Silverado in town now, and already received a compliment on it!

Then came the moment when he fired it up, and everything inside me screamed YES! Thank you so much for sending me a beauty of a muffler... (TX.) Whats Up Classic Chambered, So i just wanted to drop by and say man oh man do I love these mufflers (2524SBs), again would like to thank you for the mufflers. In just the few hours of having them on or so, I already had more than a handful ask me what I had! I did go ahead and upload a video or two on different social media's and You Tube.

This Pypes Dual Cat-Back Exhaust is constructed from free flowing mandrel bent 2.5" 409 stainless steel piping and features Pypes Street-Pro 3-chamber mufflers for an aggressive throaty sound. The Pypes Street-Pro Dual Cat-Back Exhaust kit is specifically designed to simply bolt-on to existing stock Y-pipe on of any 1998 to 2004 3.8L or 3.9L V6 Mustang for more power and a more aggressive sound. Hello, Can you tell me if this application bolts right up to the header or the catalytic converter? Is there anything different in the hanging process as compared to a coup?

I've been told that I don't have enough room for dual exhaust because my fuel tank is moved over more to the passenger side not leaving much space. My cat is bad, the muffler is on it's way out so I though this to be a great time to convert my 6cyl to dual exhausts.

The tone is spot-on and the volume at idle is very pleasant with great sound under acceleration. I have been in the auto business for 30 years nobody ever says "thanks that was an awesome job you did" they only let you know when they feel otherwise.I figure at 22% loss though the drive train and factory side exhaust would gross 425hp and 553 torque (times 78%) and net the above figures. How much loss can be attributed to the side pipes alone? Try Classic Chambered Vettepacks 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 model no 2540VP.Less than 2% rear wheel power loss when tested on a chassis dyno.I am very hard to please and critical of all things to a fault (that's what I am told).Please accept my praise of your product and thanks for making my crummy Vette sound Awesome.

Single chamber muffler vs dual chamber

I absolutely love them so thank you for such an amazing product!Just passing along; I no longer turn my radio on when I am in my car, the Powersticks are all I need for sound and I absolutely love them.-Ray Originally Posted by: I have original GM side pipes on my 1966 461 (427 with 454 crank and 30 over) and have 331hp and 431 torque at 4900 rpm on a chassis dyno.Is it reasonable to expect a considerable gain from an after market side pipe that will fit under the stock shield and if so, which one?Open headers tested 414 RWHP @ 6300 RPM Headers into 2540VP tested 407 RWHP @ 6300 RPM They produce a deep, mellow sound.

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