Singletreff leer

In 1744 East Frisia fell to Prussia, then ruled by Frederick the Great.

Town privileges were awarded in 1823 by George IV, King of Hanover.

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Singletreff leer

Even though Eastern Frisia is a mainly a Protestant region, there is a small Roman Catholic community in Leer.Как вы уже знаете, неправильные глаголы в испанском языке в некоторых временах имеют формы, отличающиеся от таблиц спряжения испанских глаголов. dating seiten kostenlos fur manner Solingen Как спрягается неправильный испанский глагол leer – читать.There are many traces of early settlements in the area, including crude flint tools that are dated back to roughly 3200 BC.In 791 AD Saint Ludger built the first chapel in East Frisia at the western edge of the settlement Leer, then still named Hleri after feetlot, willow.

Singletreff leer

Even though Leer is some 30 km (19 mi) away from the coast, it can be reached by large ships via the Ems.Leer lies close to the Dutch border; the district of Leer shares a border with the Dutch province of Groningen.Unlike Emden, Leer only suffered little damage by Allied bombing in World War II. Singletreff leer-43 The city was occupied by Canadian troops on April 28, 1945.This chapel is mentioned for the first time in a written document from 850 AD.

During the 14th and 15th centuries, Leer was home town of the Ukena family which was one most influential East-Frisian chieftain families of that time.

The town profited from the trade with the Hanse, and a fortress Leerort was built.

In 1508, Count Edzard obtained the official right to host a market, which started the tradition of the "Gallimarkt," which is now an annual fair.

On 1 October 1955, Leer received the status of an independent city.

Since 1964 the city's government has been led by the Social-Democratic Party SPD.

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